A Boss Ladies Guide To Manifestation

Hey Boss Lady! If you’re reading this, you’re already so much farther ahead than you think. Everyone has felt overwhelmed and defeated at times and I am the first person to admit it when I feel it. Sometimes, it happens A LOT.

I want to share the 5 things that I have implemented in my life so you can do the same and feel the same! So here is my Boss Lady Guide to Manifestation so you can rule your own boss lady life. Because there is room for EVERYONE to rise to the top.

Clear the clutter!

Yes ma’am I am talking about the negativity! Boss Ladies don’t have time for those negative Nancy’s when they’re manifesting their dreams. Start eliminating negativity from your life because that negativity will seep into your energy and siphon it like a Dyson vacuum. Sometimes, this is harder than you might think. It’s easy to unfollow some Instagram accounts and to let go of some negative thoughts but it’s not as easy to eliminate or block out some negative people in your life. This is going to be the one that might take some time and effort but at the end of it, you’ll notice that you have so much more energy when you do!

See it, Dream it, Believe it!

This is where it gets fun! Okay so we all sometimes fall into the trap of comparison and wonder, ‘Why haven’t I been able to achieve what she has?’ or ‘Why aren’t I that good at cleaning my house?’ Change those comparison thoughts girl! Turn your negative comparison thoughts into a see it, dream it, believe it! I’ll give you a small example. You see that YouTube personality who always has the most fashionable and clean house. Before you compare yourself and your house and start bashing yourself, start dreaming it. Dream about your beautiful clean house and how amazing it would be to accomplish your goal! Envelop that dream, add as many details as you can. I even want you to image the sparkle and shine of your floors or the reflection of yourself in those windows! Or for my pet owners, a fur-free couch! Lastly, you have to believe it! In yourself, in the dream, in your ability to pursue any task ahead of you, because you can. I believe you can, because you’re already taking time out of your day to read about manifestations and how to make them happen for you!


Manifestation takes time, patience, and hard work! But you have to have the patience with yourself, and the universe sometimes. My favorite way to chill is to literally relax. Focus my mind on something that makes me happy and concentrate my energy on self-care. For those of you who follow me on instagram you’ll know that my word for 2019 is Kindness. Specifically to myself because I am the meanest and most unforgiving person when it comes to me. So, personally this is probably the hardest part of the manifestation process. Remember when we talked about clearing the negative clutter? Yup, this is another amazing way to do so! So make a list of your favorite self-care ideas. Maybe it’s taking a bath, going for a walk, meditating, reading a book, exercising, ANYTHING is on the table if it makes you and your soul happy.

Trust God or The Universe

Whichever one! I am Catholic so for me, it means to trust God. Let go and let God. But I know that that isn’t the case for some people so I want you to trust The Universe. Stay with me, I know it sounds funny because when I first heard it I thought, what are we hippies now? But I am choosing to be positive, I am choosing to believe and I am choosing to TRUST in the higher power I have always chosen to trust. And the best part about this one is the fact that you don’t have to decide who you are trusting. It doesn’t have to be this long drawn out journey into what you believe or don’t believe. As they said it best in my favorite Christmas movie, The Santa Clause “Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing.”

Find your Boss Lady Crew

This is my favorite one because THESE LADIES ARE MY FUEL! I am telling you, there is not a day where I am discouraged for more than 5 minutes because I know that no matter what problem or bump in the road I find, I have quite a few boss ladies who I can text or call who will immediately answer and shower me with love. They have been what has gotten me through those difficult moments lately. With them I feel like I can conquer more than Beyonce can in a day and still have time to clean out my closet. I have been more productive in the past month than I have been in the last year. Why? Because my team and I are SO amazing at manifesting the life and goals that we want and it all started with a bottle of shampoo. So if you haven’t found your tribe of boss ladies, FIND THEM FAST! Or, you can join mine! There’s always room for more positivity.

You can find me everyday on Instagram @bossladyblogger Looking forward to seeing you again!

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